Online loans – what is it?

Fulfill your dream or your new purchase with a cheap online loan. The internet has become an integral part of the financial world. Whether online banking or opening a new current account, you can now do a large number of financial transactions online with just a few clicks.

Why should it be different with an online loan? With our loan comparison, you can quickly and easily find the right financing option. No matter whether you want to use it to finance a car or your dream wedding. Assemble your credit in our loan calculator with just a few details and benefit from the low online interest rates.

Of course, safety does not fall by the wayside! When you apply for an online loan from us, you can be sure that your data will arrive where you want it. The providers in our loan calculator all meet the current security standards and use your data only for the requested loan. But why not inquire directly with a bank, maybe you could ask yourself? With our free loan service you save yourself the way to the different bank branches and can easily compare the credit market from home. You may even find your house bank in our loan comparison, but with significantly better online terms that you won’t get at the branch.

What are the advantages of an online loan?

What are the advantages of an online loan?

An online loan is not only cheap, but also very easy to apply for. Do you plan eg B. currently a purchase and you currently lack the financial resources? With an online loan, you can take out the right loan within a few minutes and make your purchase. The biggest advantage is probably the online processing. You can not only calculate the installment loan from home, but of course you can also apply directly online.

You do not even have to send the documents to the post office at some providers and can easily send them to the credit provider online. The fast and secure data transfer not only saves you the way to the post office, it also enables you to pay out your loan quickly. Payment can only be made once you have submitted all the necessary documents. With an online loan, some providers can submit all documents directly to the loan application (read more about “Which documents are required for a loan application?”). This means that you no longer have to wait several days for the payment, but have the money from some providers in your account within 2 days.

What do I do if I have questions about the online loan?

What do I do if I have questions about the online loan?

Which loan is right for you? In a bank branch you can express your wishes to the bank employee and he will put together the right loan for you. Now, one or the other could be concerned about an online loan that something wrong could be given when applying for a loan, which then might not be in your interest. At this point we can take care of you. Because with the online credit you can not specify anything wrong! All you need for a free and non-binding loan application is personal information and a household bill.

As a rule, this is information that everyone knows straight from the head. But even if you are unsure and do not know what information you need right now, competent credit advisors are available Mon-Sun from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

An online loan through us does not directly represent a loan contract. With an online loan application, you are only requesting individual loan offers from the loan providers. Even if you have made a mistake in the loan amount, the term or the household bill, you do not have to be afraid of completing something you do not want. The loan offers will be sent to you by email immediately after the loan application and can be checked again at your leisure. A loan will only be paid out if you agree to the online loan and have signed the loan contract and the documents.

Why are online loans cheaper than bank branch loans?

Why are online loans cheaper than bank branch loans?

The internet has revolutionized retail. Many consumers today shop in an online shop. It does not matter whether it is the new book or the new kitchen (you can also finance the new kitchen with us). Basically, there is now very little that we cannot buy online. So why should this trend make an exception, especially with loans? Opening a checking account has now become child’s play and comparing a car insurance policy is almost standard nowadays before you decide on one of the more numerous insurance policies.

You only need a few details for our loan calculator to receive the first loan offers. But why are online installment loans cheaper now than those that consumers can apply for in a bank branch?

The answer to this is a simple one: banks save costs with online loans and pass these savings on to their customers. Just think about the costs of running a bank branch. In addition to the numerous staff, there are also other operating costs such as rents, insurance and maintenance.

The so-called direct banks, as banks with an online operation are called, have no costs for numerous premises and can employ staff much more efficiently. The elimination of these costs then leads to significantly lower interest rates for online loans. Interestingly, we also have banks in our comparison, which you probably know from your area. They offer extra online credits on their websites, which you wouldn’t get in the branch at all. How that can be, you might be wondering? By entering the loan application,

How does the online loan with instant approval work?

If you order something in an online shop, you will usually receive the goods delivered to the desired address within a few days. With an online loan, this works very similarly, with the difference that it is not a delivery to the desired address, but the payment to the desired checking account. For a fast and smooth payment, numerous loan providers offer you a fully digital loan conclusion in our loan comparison. What all banks offer with us is the immediate approval or decision. After the free loan application, you will be informed immediately whether the desired loan can be approved in this way. In order to release the loan, you must provide proof of your entries. These are usually proof of salary, copies of the ID card or a current employment contract.

For a quick payment, we recommend the fully digital loan. With this “digital loan” you not only make the loan application online, but you can also “upload” all the necessary documents. Identification is then also carried out online using the video identification process instead of the postident. In just a few minutes, you can complete the entire process from home and do not even have to leave your own four walls for the new loan. Since the lender now has all the documents, there is no longer any obstacle to a quick payment. With such an online loan, you usually have the desired loan amount on your account within 2 working days.

For what purposes are online loans suitable?

An online loan is an installment loan that you can take out online. You can therefore use the loan for almost all purposes. This does not include financing for real estate or land. It does not matter whether you want to finance your vacation with a holiday loan, finance your dream wedding with a wedding loan or are looking for a cheap online debt rescheduling.

If you are currently looking for a car loan, we can recommend the earmarked car loans. These special loans may have better conditions because you can bring the car yourself as collateral if you finance your car. Another special loan can be the modernization loan. In the loan comparison you will find special providers who offer lower interest rates for this area. You can easily determine whether an online loan is right for you based on the available uses. Simply change the intended use in the loan calculator and determine the cheapest offer for yourself.

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