9 Pregnancy Rules In China That Will Blow You Away

Most women in the western world are well aware of the basic pregnancy rules such as not being allowed to drink as that can harm the baby’s development, as well as not smoking or doing drugs. They also are taught to stay away from raw and unpasturized dairy and meat products because they can be hosts to bacteria which can harm the baby. Additionally, they are also told take certain vitamins and minerals that are essential for the baby’s growth. However, those rules are pretty much based on common sense due to what has been found through scientific research. And, some cultures and religions also have their own unique rules when it comes to pregnancy. And, the one country that is quite strict with that is China. Let’s find out – of the pregnancy rules that women in China must follow that will blow your mind!

  1. The Nursery Must Not Exist Until After The Baby Does – According to Chinese culture, preparing the nursery before the birth of the baby is bad luck. And this is why couples in China are told to hold off on preparing the nursery meaning that they have to worry about getting it ready after the birth. That is a lot to handle while dealing with a newborn baby.
  2. Intimacy Is A No No In The First And Third Trimesters – It is believed in China that if an expectant couple has sex in the first trimester that it can cause a miscarriage. If they have sex in the third trimester it could cause the baby to become naughty. The second trimester is the only time they are allowed to be intimate.
  3. Cold Foods Are Off Limits – Pregnant women in China are not allowed to enjoy an ice cream cone, a slushie, or anything that is cold because it is believed that the consumption of cold foods can cause a miscarriage. No evidence has ever found a link to that but this is their belief. That means if mom has a craving for ice cream then she will have to replace it with something that is warmer.
  4. Raising Hands Above The Shoulder Is Not Allowed – Many cultures have this belief as well in addition to the Chinese culture. And, this is something that was also believed decades ago in the western world as well. If the pregnant mom raises her hands above her head, then she can cause the cord to be wrapped around the baby’s neck. There has been no evidence of this being true but women in China that are expecting will have to rely on others to reach items they need if it is up too high for them to reach on their own.
  5. Belly Rubbing Is Forbidden – The pregnant mom as well as others cannot rub the baby bump because if it happens, then that means there is a risk that the baby will misbehave. And, no couple wants to have an unruly child so this is why they will not rub the bump nor will they allow others to do the same.
  6. Food Must Be Cut Properly – If food is not cut properly, then that also is believed to cause the baby to misbehave as well. That means food that mom eats must be cut in a perfect manner, or else they will end up having a difficult child.
  7. Pregnant Moms Cannot Attend Funerals – This superstition is one that is known to many cultures but the reason for this rule in China will surprise you. Pregnant women will be grief-stricken if they attend a funeral which would be bad for the baby’s nervous system. That also means that pregnant moms cannot watch sad movies or be in situations that can cause them to cry.
  8. Pregnant Moms Cannot Attend Celebrations – The reason that pregnant moms cannot attend weddings, graduation parties, or any kind of celebratory event is that excitement that mom would experience can also be bad for the baby.
  9. Scissors Are Not Allowed In The Bed – Anything sharp which includes scissors cannot be in the bed where the mom sleeps because it is believed that being in contact with sharp edges can increase the chances of malformations of the fetus!

If you are not blown away by these pregnancy rules in China, then you may have grown up in a culture that is quite similar. However, there has been no evidence that the unborn baby would be harmed if mom did any of these forbidden things. You would wonder how pregnant moms in China can enjoy life, but they are used to living the lifestyle they live so they would not be bothered by it at all.

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